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The RLGS (Real Life Gaming System) is made for people who like tactical sports like paintball, airsoft, Nerf or Laser Tag. It is used to implement popular multiplayer modes from games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, FarCry, Planetside 2 or Counterstrike to a real playing field.

Everything about this project is released under the GPLv2 or Creative Commons open source license. Everybody who is interested in creating a system for their own use is welcomed to do so.

From us for You.

The RLGS concept comprises one game controller (called the commander) and one or more agents. The commander tells the agents which signals to show and sirens to sound. It reacts to events, like button presses. As nobody interacts with it directly, it is kept in a secure place and connected via a network (most likely Wi-Fi). The agents on the other hand, are build in a more sturdy or rugged way, because players interact with them directly.

The rough idea behind the whole thing is to place the agents on the playing field, load the desired game mode (lets say Conquest) on the commander and then run the game. The commander calculates the score, monitors the game timer, tells You when the game is over and who won it. If we want to play a different game (e.g. Rush), simply reposition the agents, load that new game on the commander and run it.

We can add more games without having to reconstruct the hardware. The agents have everything to support most game modes.

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